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“Standing on the shoulders of giants” goes the saying, and I cringe at the idea of my shoes on those illustrious shoulders. The years progress, age advances, and perhaps I can be of service now from my experience in using these concepts.

My thanks to all I learned and learn from. My teacher, Herman Kauz, has been bedrock for my evolution. My friend Jou, Tsung-Hwa, who showed me the mobilization of body, Heng-Ha.

Master B.P. Chan, from the Old School, who first showed me standing Zhan Zhuang.

Dr. John Painter, who has been around several blocks. Thank you!

Most recently Lisa B. O’Shea, who makes accessible Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts & teachings.

4 thoughts on “Auto Bio

  1. I have had physical therapy several times throughout my life and have had little success. I have to say that the teachings of Peter have brought a whole new level of relief and structure in my life. Thank you for all that you do.

  2. I am amazed that with just one session today the swelling in both feet has decreased. I look forward to future sessions and learning more about TaiChi and other alternative ways to help my mind and body improve. Thank you Peter Kay.

  3. This website is so helpful! Your wisdom and experience are a great blessing in my life right now. You are an antidote to despair, empowering patients with helpful resources. You are a healer in the truest sense. Blessings for your journey! Janet

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