Organ mobilization

Heart – One hand over the other, just above heart. A gentle, warming pressure downward; exhale with “Hao” sound. Peace

Lungs – A vibratory excitement to lungs, “Szhhhh” from the inside, rapid up/down against anterior chest from the outside. Courage.

Kidneys –  Backs of hands against low back. Jostle from the knees, allowing backs of hands to rise & fall against body. “Tsue” 49 reps, up/down. Gentleness.

Liver – Hands gathering & pulling across lower Right ribs toward center. “Zshh”. Kindness.

Stomach/Spleen – Hand over hand at centerline, just below xyphoid process; down & around to the Left side with a short spiral at the end stroke, back toward center. “Fuu”. Openness.

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